10 Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training

If you’re a dog owner, I am sure you would like to have an obedient and well-trained dog. Some owners think that after a few training sessions, the dog will have understood everything and started obeying commands. However, that is not always the case. Dog training is not an easy task and it can take weeks and months. But with several tips and tricks, you can make the whole process easier and effective. Here are 10 guiding tips on dog training.


Establish that you’re the leader – Dogs are pack animals and they respond to the pack leader. If you don’t establish yourself as the person in charge, then they won’t follow you. Let it be clear that you’re the leader.

Be patient – Don’t expect the dog to grasp everything in a day or two. Give it time and your dog will understand everything as time goes by.


Be persistent – Persistence and patience go hand in hand. Some dogs are fast, others are slow. Don’t go only for a few training sessions. Go for as many sessions as you can for him to fully learn.


Allow the dog some playtime – Don’t allow the training to take control over your life. Playing is a vital part of a dog’s life. Give him a break, allow him to play and your training will be simple.


Correct and reward – A dog naturally doesn’t know what a command is. Therefore, if he fails to respond correctly to a command, correct him accordingly. And if he gets a command right, give him a reward. Just ensure that you don’t reward excessively.


Be consistent – Once you’ve established a routine, stick to it. Dogs require a routine for them to effectively grasp what you’re teaching them. Being consistent ensures that your dog won’t get confused along the way.


Keep the training sessions short – This way, you won’t get impatient and give up along the way.


Start early – The training should start when the dog is still young. By training them while they’re still puppies, they will be able to grasp everything better.


Don’t be harsh when correcting your dog – Discipline is necessary in a training routine. However, discipline should be stern and not cruel. Use a firm voice and it will work better than yelling at him.


Get your family involved – For the training to stick properly your whole family should be involved. Just ensure that you all use the same method of training to prevent confusion and it’ll make the training easier for you.

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Training your pet dog should not be a difficult task. Keep the above points in mind and you’ll have a well-trained dog in no time.

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